About us

Padukas Women’s Art Workshop has been changing India’s rural women’s lives for almost five years through teaching handicrafts skills, creating quality products, learning marketing, and introducing to designers and buyers from around the world.

Padukas is situated in the tribal forest area two hours north of Mumbai and brings opportunity to women who are living far from the beneficial infrastructure of modern India. Tribal women work hard to provide nourishment and comfort to their families: They collect water at the well or local river 3-8 times a day, collect fire wood for an hour or more a day to cook food on a simple three brick stove, and get up early to wash clothes in the local river-all before the family goes off to work and school. Afterwards, some of them have to go find work for themselves. Most of the jobs in our area require hard labor, such as farming, brick making or construction. 

Explore our unique, handcrafted products on these web pages. Each piece is lovingly made by our women who had no previous knowledge of stitching. Educating and creating jobs is a way for them to express their creativity and earn an income that positively changes the lives of their families. Many of our ladies, for example, are now able to send their children to preschool and beyond to give them a brighter, more successful future. We appreciate your support!